Physiology and mental states: The lie detector

Cat and Ale demonstrate a 'lie detector' and you can make up your mind if it actually works. Watch the clip and decide yourself by looking at the data how many truths and lies where in it.

We have measured skin conductance (voltage divider 10M vs fingers), pulse rate, ECG, blood oxy and oscillometric blood pressure. Pay close attention especially to the movement artefacts in all channels. Want to know if you've discovered all the lies from the data? Here are the answers.

  1. I'm getting married this Saturday: FALSE
  2. Paper about Australian researchers about Korean pear juice: TRUE
  3. Yeast: TRUE
  4. Getting married : (still!) FALSE
  5. Jumped in the car and drove: FALSE
  6. All the marmite story is FALSE
  7. I don't like marmite: TRUE
  8. Going out tonight: FALSE
  9. Having to work tomorrow: TRUE
  10. 7am start: FALSE